Re-manufactured Engines:

engine blocks

We have V6 and V8 Engines ready to re-power your Car, Truck, or Marine.

We also re-manufacture Forklift Engines.

10% Off V8 Block Machine work, using email below thru August 1st.

Email Us for details and Warranty:   terryjoyce95@gmail.com

Serdi Precision Cylinder Head Machining Center

Serdi Precision Cylinder Head Machining Center

RidesSome of the latest Projects we are pleased to be updating with the latest in Performance Parts. Recognize the Years! Models?

 Machine Shop:

Dyno 6-1-2014 002

We use  "State-of-the-Art"  Machinery to deliver the most accurate and  precise work.

This is our Stuska Computerized, Fully Automated 1,500 hp Engine Dyno

Call to schedule Your Engine Dyno Session.

SPECIAL:  10% Off on scheduled Dyno Sessions till September 1st  !!

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eLocal Badge

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