Performance Auto Parts and Machine


Performance Auto Parts and Machine
Chicago Trapper Nitro Funny Car
"Chicago Trapper" AA/FC
NHRA / IHRA / AHRA Nitro Funny Car
Our '64 Plymouth "Outlaw SS" 512
Superflow SF-1020 Flow Bench
Superflow® SF-1020 Cylinder Head Flow Bench
1976 BBC Camaro Drag car
Our R & D '76 540 BBC Camaro Drag Car
Sunnen Cylinder Block Hone
Sunnen® CV-616 Block Powerstroke Hone

Re-manufactured Engines:

engine blocks

We have V6 and V8 Engines ready to re-power your Car, Truck, or Marine.

(NOTE: Please check "For Sale" drop down menu under "News"

  for current Engines and Machine Shop Machinery For Sale)


355 SBC W RS

355 SBC World Prod. Ported Heads


355 SBC

355 SBC 375 ft/lbs Torque @ 4,800 rpm, 367hp @ 5,400 rpm

*468 BBC - SOLD !~*    406 SBC - SOLD

413 SBC in production process................

383 SBC in production process ..............

We can also recondition Your engine to original OEM specs, or, build from "Mild-to-Wild" with current available technology.

Delivered:  2/21/2015  1979 406 Pontiac

1979 406 Pontiac

1979 406 Pontiac

468 BBC LS

468 BBC Pro Comp Alum. Heads - Installing this week. 03/10/2015








10% Off V8 Block Machine work, using email below thru March 31st.


We also re-manufacture Forklift Engines.

(Includes: Thermal cleaning, Magnaflux crack detection, Boring & Honing and Decking block)

Email Us for details and Warranty:

Or please call:  708 - 924 -5110



Serdi® Precision Cylinder Head Machining Center

Serdi Cylinder Head Machining Center

Seat depth per chamber within .001.

Install hardened seats in older castings that required Leaded gasoline.

Mondello® Profiled Valve seat cutters -- 3 and 5 angle Valve jobs.

Replace Valve Guides

Install Bronzewall Guide Liners.

Knurl / Ream / Hone Guides

Custom machine "bowl porting".

Install Screw in Rocker studs.

Valve spring pocket diameter / depth machining.

ALL spring pockets same depth, +_ .002

Machine Guides for Teflon PC Seals.

Height of ALL Valve Guides +_ .002

RidesSome of the latest Projects we are pleased to be updating with the latest in Performance Parts. Recognize the Years! Models?

Serpentine SBC - Alternator

70 Silver SS Chevelle

70 Chevelle LS

70 Chevelle LS

We install: Camshafts, Manifolds and Carbs, Headers, Turbochargers and Superchargers, Inter coolers, MSD Ignition Systems, HP or Mileage Computer Chips, Aluminum Radiators and Fans, Digital Dashes, Billet Steering Columns, Serpentine Belt Systems, Tachometers, Shifters, Gauges, Positraction units and Gears / Axles, Hi Stall Converters, Disc Brake Conversions.  We also install Engines and Transmissions.


 Special Services

Dyno 6-1-2014 002We use  "State-of-the-Art"  Machinery to deliver accurate and precise work.

This is our Stuska®  Computerized /  Fully Automated 1,500 hp Engine Dyno.

Printout has Horsepower, Torque, EGT

BSFC,Oil Pressure,Fuel pressure,etc.

Stuska Dyno Dash

Computerized weather station data is loaded before pull

for accurate and dependable readings.

Redundant gauges for critical parameters.

Schedule Your Engine Dyno Session.

708 - 924 - 5110

SPECIAL:  10% Off on scheduled Engine Dyno Sessions till March 31st  !!


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