Performance A/P

Engine Run-in Stand

Set Timing, and Carb – Ready for install.

Alleviates problems, BEFORE  installation

Ck. For leaks, Run in Camshaft, seat rings

Call to schedule: 708-924-5110

Engine Assembly

392 Hemi

Mooneyham® 6-71 Blown & Hilborn® Injected 392 Hemi

Short Block Complete

Computerized Balancing

Degree camshaft to specs

Verify TDC to pointer

Verify correct pushrod length

Verify piston-to-valve clearance

Gap piston rings to spec

Install/Modify Crank scraper

R&R Pistons

Recondition Rods – Install ARP®  rod bolts

Pin fit Rod bushing

Install Pistons on rods with Spirolox

Mill Intake Manifold for proper port alignment

Flycut Blower manifold-to-blower surface “flat”

Fixture drill rod cap bearings for pin – aluminum rods

Install / Modify to fit – Rear Pan Baffle – SBC, BBC

Weld P/U to Oil Pump

BBC Pan Baffle

BBC Milodon® Pan Baffle

Custom Installations

  • Headers & Complete Exhaust – Crossover Pipes
  • Digital Dashes
  • Performance Carb & Manifold
  • Performance / Economy Camshafts
  • Rear End Gears & Posi
  • Hi Tuff Rear Axles
  • Billet Serpentine Belt Systems
  • Performance Ignition Systems and MSD Boxes
  • Custom Shifters
  • JR Blur





“JR” – as usual,, moving so fast he’s a blur !~!

  • Transmission Shift Kits
  • Performance Transmissions and Higher Stall Converters
  • Custom Balanced Driveshafts
  • Disc Brake Kits
  • Aluminum Radiators & Cooling Fans
  • Billet Aluminum Steering Columns

Fuel Injector Tester

Fuel Injector Tester

Fuel Injector Tester

  • Verify Injector Flow
  • Flow after reconditioning
  • Verify spray pattern
  • We rebuild all types of Injectors
  • Used to Sonic clean Injectors for proper flow and pattern

Sun Distrbutor Scope

Sun Distributor Scope

Sun® Distributor Machine

Adjust advance curve

Checks Vacuum advance

Check for Distributor shaft bushing wear

Check for proper Point dwell

Check Condensor

Superflow SF-1020

Superflow® 1020 Cylinder Head Flow Bench

  • Flow 1 Intake port / 1 Exhaust port
  • Flow All Ports – Both heads
  • Computerized Printout of flow figures @ 28″
  • Valve opening flowed per each .100 of lift, or Customer specified increments
  • CC Chambers with Our Digital Burette
  • CC 1 Intake port / 1 Exhaust port
  • We use Brzezinski radiused adapters on intake ports, tube on exhaust.
  • Numerous Cylinder bore sizes in stock
  • Capable of flowing 2.400 valve diameter @ 1.100 lift @ 28″

Schenk® Computerized Engine Balancer ISO 9000

Schenk® Computerized Engine Balancer ISO 9000

Schenk® Computerized Balancing

  • Complete Engines
  • Flywheel w/wo Clutch
  • Flexplate w/wo Converter
  • Pistons
  • Rods
  • Crankshaft
  • Within ½ gram
  • Computerized Screen showing parameters

    Schenk Balancer Computer Screen showing parameters – Note Right side within ½ gram – Left side at 1 gram

Very repeatable results.




Stuska® Automated / Computerized 1,500 hp Engine Dyno

Stuska® 1,500 hp Engine Dyno

  • Verify HP, Torque and BSFC w/printout
  • Ck. For leaks, Seat Camshaft, seat rings, ck. vacuum.
  • Set Timing, and Carb jetting – Ready for installation.
  • Computerized and Fully Automated — Great repeatability !~!
  • EGT readout for ALL Cylinders – Air/Fuel Ratios
  • Computerized Weather Station
  • Customer specifies Brand / Type of fuel – We can furnish
  • Engine Transport “cradles” available also.

Redundant gauges for Oil Pressure, Water Temp and Fuel pressure.

Stuska Dyno Dash

Stuska “Dyno Dash” Computer Screen – Real Time. “Lambda” is Air/fuel Ratio taken at each collector.

Dyno Tower Gauge panel

Call to get Pricing / Particulars and schedule Your Dyno Session:

708 – 924 – 5110

Chassis Dyno

Mustang® Computerized Chassis Dynomometer

  • Verify rear wheel Horsepower
  • Adjust air fuel ratio
  • With Computer Printout
  • Tune for Optimum reliable running.
  • Simulate Drag Strip runs within a tenth of a second – Saves Time and the $$$ of repeated trips to the track !
  • Call to schedule Your Dyno Session
  • 708 – 924 – 5110

Machining & Welding

  • Bridgeport® Mill
  • South Bend® Lathe
  • Flywheel Grinding – Flat & Recessed
  • MIG Welding
  • Custom Machine Work available.
  • Wheel-a-brator – Cleans parts of paint & rust
  • Glass Bead Blaster – safely cleans surfaces – great for cleaning aluminum manifolds, chassis components.
  • Hot Tank – Degreaser
  • AmPro® Thermal Cleaning System
  • Weld / Grind Truck Steering Sector shafts

South Bend Lathe

  South Bend Lathe

Computerized Digital Valve Spring Tester w/printout


  Computerized Digital Performance Trends Valve Spring Tester w/printout

Bridgeport Mill

Bridgeport® Mill

web counter
web counter

Custom Fabrication

We recently fabricated this transmission mount to clear exhaust system. MIG welded to ensure strength.

Perf. A-P Custom Trans. Mnt

We Fill Nitrous Bottles !! We use a NOS® Nitrous pump w/gauge.

Then accurately weigh on Digital Scale.

Call for pricing and to schedule:

708 – 924 – 5110

Here’s a March® Billet Belt System We recently installed.

View is looking up, from underneath the car.

Serpentine SBC - Alternator

BHJ® Precision Piston Fixture

BHJ® Precision Piston Fixture

 Used for machining adequate Valve-to-piston clearance, using radiused flycutters.

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